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LUXO collection


As the interior spaces are awash in exquisite splendours of Luxo range and punctuated with dramatic decor pieces, Luxo will surely leave a lasting impression that would be the talk and envy of all the visitors to the sanctuary you proudly call your home.

Defined by top-notch and understated engineered aesthetics, Luxo is designed to evoke the ambience of a heavenly abode - a truly elevated experience for all your routines. So savour every bit of it - embrace the lap of true luxury and indulge right in it. You deserved it.

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SOPHIE collection


Sophie's appeal lies in its style with substance approach - a no-nonsense luxurious aesthetic with just the right amount of glam and sophistication to otherwise low-key living spaces.

Channelling that eclectism essence, Sophie aims for a spirited balance between sophistication and serenity, all aesthetically layered to create rich textures and purposely positioned eye-catching elements to liven up the room to its rightful expectation.

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MORANDI collection


Morandi offers a refreshingly chic take on the neo-Scandinavian aesthetic by bringing Nordic references and refined flair to your home.

A perfectly chosen soft-pastel Morandi tone can make or break a room. Just pair them with bright, bold pieces to amplify the space ambience or you could opt for a subtle, toned-down decor theme for a more relaxed feel.

SERIES cover-03.jpg

MOOJI collection


It’s harder to imagine a more serene space than a room fitted with our Mooji range. As clean lines define the spaces and utilitarian materials - all mostly rendered in Japanese cypress, every inch of the interior is designed and intended with functionality in mind.

Mooji celebrates the Japanese aesthetic philosophy and is set to poise your living space with a sleek Japanese cypress wooden tone lending your space a certain tranquil sanctuary feeling - your zen space to invoke your inner zen.

SERIES cover-05.jpg

TIMBERONE collection


Redefine your space with a wide range of woody-tone options ranging from light to dark that bring nothing but warmth to the space it dwells. Timberone epitomizes the bonafide beauty of wood-look aesthetics.

Timberone aesthetics would definitely bring some visual appeal to soothing interior space and with the right pairing of deco and furnishing pieces - creating the sanctuary you would proudly call home.

SERIES cover-01.jpg

ELITT collection

Let the timeless nouveau-classic Elitt aesthetics be the spirited dialogue between old and new - filling up the spaces with characteristic elegance. Softened and toned down masterly elements are the hallmark of Elitt’s vibrant appeal.

This results in the spaces emanating a certain savoir-faire ambience that reflects the dwellers’ personality throughout the living abode.


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